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Welcome to the Canadian Hair Transplant Centre in Toronto Ontario, founded by Dr. Cam Simmons. Since 1999, Dr. Simmons has been at the forefront of Hair Transplant Surgery at the Canadian Hair Transplant Centre.

With over 3,800 hair restoration surgical procedures to his name, and an extensive background in family and emergency medicine, he believes that a hair transplantation when performed by an experienced doctor with precision and artistry, can do wonders for a person’s appearance, well being and self esteem.

Dr. Simmons is passionate about making sure that every hair transplant he performs leads to outstanding, undetectable results for his patients. To learn more about how we can help you with your hair loss challenges please feel free to contact us or call anytime for a free and discreet consultation.

Facts & Alternatives
The psychological importance of hair is significant in many cultures worldwide. Most of us have a personal or emotional connection to our hair and we appreciate that it can positively and negatively influence our appearance and quality of life.

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