Hair Transplant Costs & Price

Discover why CHTC offers the best value hair transplants in Toronto

Dr Simmons has performed over 3,800 successful hair transplant procedures since 1999.

He can certainly understand hair transplantation from a patient’s perspective because he would be bald today if it weren’t for his own hair transplants.

You want the best results for a fair price. In other words, you want value for your money. At the Canadian Hair Transplant Centre, we may not have the cheapest hair transplant costs in Toronto but we offer the highest quality of results and our prices are competitive.

Dr. Simmons is committed to using, learning, and developing the most advanced techniques for all his patients. He and his dedicated team of nurses and surgical assistants consistently produce natural-looking, excellent results.

It is very difficult for patients to accurately describe their hair loss in words. Dr. Simmons would therefore need to see you in person or at least see good photos to provide an accurate estimate of graft numbers or hair transplant prices. It would be best to meet Dr. Simmons in a free, no-pressure, friendly consultation for an accurate assessment of your hair loss and to determine the best plan for you to achieve your goals. If that is not possible, you can contact us to start an email consultation.

Contact us now to book an appointment with Dr. Simmons, and discover what thousands of Torontonians already know, the best value in hair transplantation is available at the Canadian Hair Transplant Centre.