Hair Loss In Women

At CHTC, we understand that your hair loss can be a deeply emotional and private matter. Both Dr. Simmons and his sister have personally experienced hair loss and hair transplantation.Many women feel that they suffer alone and are surprised to find out that up to 40% of women experience hair loss by the age of 50.

Hair loss has a bigger social stigma for women than men and, despite usually having normal hormone levels, many women say their hair loss makes them feel less feminine.


It is not uncommon to hear that a woman had been fighting hair loss for 5 or more years before working up the courage to arrange a consultation.

Early on, women become experts at concealing their thinning by changing hairstyles, hair colours, using hair or scalp make-up, wigs or extensions, or even by spending hours styling their hair just right. Later, it becomes harder and harder to conceal the thinning. Fortunately modern hair transplantation techniques have made hair transplantation a much better option for women with hair loss.

When Dr. Simmons started performing hair transplantation in 1999, 9 times more men had hair transplants than women. By 2008 the ratio had dropped to 6:1 and it is still falling. Dr. Simmons and a Canadian Hair Transplant Centre patient were featured on a Global News segment about Hair Transplants for Women on January 22, 2010.

Hair loss has some similar features in women and men but there are also very important differences. There are usually more considerations for women than men so it is essential for women to have a personal face-to-face consultation to get an accurate diagnosis and an individualized treatment plan that may or may not include hair transplantation.

Since women tend to have thinning in a large area of the scalp but tend not to go completely bald, a single well-designed and executed hair transplant can usually give women enough hair to allow them to wear their chosen hairstyle(s) with pride..

If you are suffering from hair loss we would encourage you to arrange a complimentary and confidential personal consultation. Whether hair transplantation is your best choice or other options would be better, we at CHTC would be happy to empower you in your struggle with hair loss and to help you feel more confident about your hair.